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These are the faces behind the funding at USAM I Fund. Our loans would just be products without the people providing the expertise to make them work for you. These folks work relentlessly to match you with the right loan to fit your specific needs. If you decide to work with USAM I Fund, you’ll grow to love them just as much as we have.

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Jack Lieberman has been a top producing loan officer for over 30 years and in the world of real estate he has seen and done it all. With over 30,000 loans to his name, the question he seeks to answer every day for his clients is: “How can I make your life perfect?”


It was in 1986 that Jack realized he could help more people to create wealth by helping them to understand the power of the mortgages on their homes and investing in real estate and 1st trust deeds.


Not only is he a Certified Financial Planner, Jack has also invested in and completed over 25,000 acres of land development - 3,000 residential units - and 2,000,000 square feet of mini storage and retail development alike. Whatever opportunity you’re ready to seize today, Jack can help make turn it into a reality.

D: 512-617-9400       |      JACK@USAM.NET




Jack Brewer is a loan officer who first mastered the conventional mortgage realm, while subsequently becoming an expert in non-qualifying mortgages.  He has put countless time and effort into building a broad scope of knowledge that is geared towards investor financing. His clients are able to seamlessly navigate through all options and find the best fit for both their short-term and long-term goals.  His steady and thorough work ethic, combined with his passion for excellence leaves his clients feeling confident that they are ready to take the next step to grow both their portfolio and their profits.

D: 512-658-2622      |      JACKBREWER@USAM.NET

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Dustin came to the USAM I Fund team having worked 15 years in the world of HUD REO Asset Management. He is our lead processor and funder/closer. An operations and efficiency nerd with a start-to-finish work ethic, Dustin will make sure everything is in order, so you close on time and without issue.

D: 512-202-5058      |     DUSTIN@USAM.NET

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